Saturday, May 31, 2014

AFC Challenge Cup: Palestine Beat Azkals 1-0

At Maldives, Azkals work hard and put themselves into the AFC Challenge Cup Finals, but unfortunately Azkals cant bring the Championship. The Palestine beat the Philippine Azkals in 1-0 lead.

In the first half a lots of shots are came from the Palestine, they look like more skilled and has more experienced than the Azkals, I saw in the first half that the Azkals would really have a hard time in 2nd half. Palestine looks good and in their 7 attempt in the first half most of them are in target, just thank Rolland Muller for swatting all those shots. The first half ends 0-0.

In the second half most of the possessions are from the Azkals but in 58' minute mark of the game Alfawaghra fouled and scored by a free kick, Palestine lead 1-0. The Azkals trying hard to equalize the score but the opponent had a great defense. In frustration Azkals got a lot of fouls in the second half.

The Palestine won the AFC Challenge Cup 2014 in 1-0 lead. They are now a qualified team for the Asian Cup 2015. Nice game for the Azkals, they work hard, they tried, they didn't bring the championship but still a great shows of courage and heart from them. They also proved that the Filipino has a future in football and they also make us proud once again. This is a history that a Filipino footballs fans will be remember.