Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 Asian Games: Gilas Pilipinas vs Iran

Watch the battle of the top 2 team in the 2014 Asian Games, the game between the Iran team vs the Philippine team. The game will be held at the Hwaseong Sports ComplexHwaseong, South Korea on September 25, 2014.

Philippines Iran
Alapag, Jimmy (PG) 5'10Sajjad Mashayekhi (PG) 5'11
Tenorio, LA (PG) 5'7Mehdi Kamrani PG (5'11)
Chan, Jeffrei (SG) 6'2Hamed Afagh (6'3) SG
Lee, Paul (SG) 6'0Behnam Yakhchali (SG) 6'3
David, Gary (SG) 6'1Arsalan Kazemi (6'8) SF
Jared Dillinger (SF) 6'5Arman Zangeneh (6'7) SF
de Ocampo, Ranidel (SF) 6'6Oshin Sahakian (6'7) SF
Norwood, Gabe (SF) 6'6Samad Nikkhah Bahrami (6'6) PF
Pingris, Marc (PF) 6'6Mohammad Jamshidi (6'6) PF
Aguilar, Japeth (PF) 6'9Asghar Kardoust (6'11) C
Fajardo, Junmar (C) 6'11Hamed Haddadi (7'2) C
Marcus Douthit (C) 6'11Rouzbeh Arghavan 7'1 (C)
Head Coach
Chot ReyesMemi Bečirovič

Both team are qualified at FIBA World Cup and they're now looking to get qualified again in the 2019 world cup. The Team Iran now has ranked no 17 in the world by FIBA while the Philippines is ranked no. 31. Philippines are now playing without Blatche due to his naturalized issues.