Saturday, September 13, 2014

Full Fight Video: Moraes Defeats Eustaquio by Submission

Adriano Moraes finally got his first MMA after he submits Geje Eustaqio of the team lakay at the Koh Pich Theatre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Moraes got the first flyweight title of One FC.

In the very first 5 minutes of action between these both fighters, there's no one who connects accurate shots, Eustaquio misses a lot of his punches as well as  Adriano Moraes.

In the second round seems like it's a different action, both fighters exchanging punches, but Moraes gives the most hardest punch. In 2:11 seconds of the match Moraes connects with the big right hook that stuns Geje and Moraes take advantage of the fight, In 1:25 remaining in the fight Moraes win the match  by Guillotine Choke Submission. Geje nothing to do but to give up the fight.

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Adriano Moraes improved his record with 13 wins and 1 lost while Geje goes down with his 6-wins and 3-loses.

Another loss in a team lakay and another loss for the Filipino. Still a good fight for both fighters and better luck next time to Geje Eustaquio.