Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gilas Pilipinas 2014 Asian Games Schedules, Results & Roster

Check out the Philippines Gilas team on their 2014 Asian Games. The Philippines now ranked no. 31 in the world by FIBA, and this Asian games will put them in much higher position if they win. Gilas currently got 4 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze in this event.

This are the Players of the Gilas Pilipinas.

Alapag, Jimmy (PG) 5'10
Tenorio, LA (PG) 5'7
Chan, Jeffrei (SG) 6'2
Lee, Paul (SG) 6'0
David, Gary (SG) 6'1
Jared Dillinger (SF) 6'5
de Ocampo, Ranidel (SF) 6'6
Norwood, Gabe (SF) 6'6
Pingris, Marc (PF) 6'6
Aguilar, Japeth (PF) 6'9
Fajardo, Junmar (C) 6'11
Marcus Douthit (C) 6'11
Head Coach
Chot Reyes

Andray Blatche wont play in this tournament because of his Naturalized issue but Douthit will take his place.

These are the schedules and quick results of Gilas Pilipinas in 2014 Asian Games.

DateResultsTimeTV Broadast (Live)
September 23, 2014Philippines vs India85-7614:00TV5
September 25, 2014Philippines vs Iran63-6814:00TV5
September 26, 2014Philippines vs Qatar68-7715:30TV5
September 27, 2014Philippines vs South Korea97-9513:00TV5
September 28, 2014Philippines vs Kazakhstan65-6714TV5
September 29, 2014Philippines vs China71-7821:00late
October 1, 2014Philippines vs Mongolia84-6815:00TV5 

Please support our Gilas team in their games. This Asian Games will lead them to 2019 FIBA world cup. #puso #labanpilipinas #pinoypride.