2014 Asian Games: Gilas Pilipinas Defeats Mongolia 84-68

The Gilas Pilipinas defeats the Mongolia team last October 1, 2014 in Hwaseong Sports Complex, Hwaseong, South Korea.

Ranidel de Ocampo had his best Asian Game stats, he leeads the game with his 25 points and 11 rebounds. while Tenorio, Norwood and Fajardo with 11 each that helps Gilas to win the game.

In Mongolia team Battuvshin leads his team with 18 points, Tungalag with 15, Otgonbaatar and Shinen added 11 each but not enough to defeat the powerhouse Philippines.

The Score:

Mongolia 68: 

Battuvshin Bilguun 18, Tungalag Sanchir 15, Shinen Sedbazar 11, Otgonbaatar Sergelen 11, Ganbold Battur 6, Davaasambuu Delgernyam 4, Oyuntsetseg Uuganbayar 3, Munkhbayar Badrakh 0, Bataa Munkhbold 0, Munkhtur Otgonmunkh 0, Tserendagva Azbayar 0, Batdorj Odbayar 0.

Philippines 84: 

De Ocampo Ranidel 25, Tenorio Lewis Alfred 11, Norwood Gabriel Daniel 11, Fajardo June Mar 11, Chan Jeffrei Allan 8, Aguilar Japeth Paul 7, Dillinger Jared Ryan 3, Alapag Jim 0, Douthit Marcus Eugene 0, Dalistan Paul John 0, Pingris Jean Marc Jr 0. 

The Philippines got the 7th place in the 2014 Asian Games, this is one of the worse place of the team Philippines in the history of Asian Games.