Monday, November 17, 2014

Pitpitunge Stops Somdet via Split Decision

The Former PXC Batamweight champion Crasanto Pitpitunge improved his record after beating Rambaa Somdet from Thailand last November 15, 2014 at the Yranes Sports Arena Philippines.

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Pitpitunge displays an impressive skills that put the 40 years old Sombet feel the loss after 12 years. Sombet was last defeated in year 2002. The 2 judges scores about 28-29 in favored of Pipitunge. Team' Lakay's improve his record with 7 wins and 3 loses, while his opponent fall to 12 wins with 3 loses.

Meanwhile, in other PXC 46 matches: 

Cacdac sumbits Ernesto Montilla in the second round and win the Flyweight title.

Kato scores a unanimous decision wins against the Filipino fighter Glen Ranillo.

Roy Doliguez demolished Dennis Salazar via unanimous decision win.

Courtney Casey from the USA outboxed team Lakay's Gina Iniong and take his 3rd win via submission in the very first round.

Dean Bermudez win against Jenel Lausa via TKO.

Josh Sapinoso scores a unanimous decision victory against Robin Eclavea.

and last but not the least Arex Montalban win via counter submission techniques against Wesley Pereira.