Saturday, February 07, 2015

Pinoy Pride 29 Weigh-in Results and Photos

These are the Pinoy Pride 29 weigh in results and Photos. Happened at SM City, Davao City, Philippines Yesterday February 6, 2015.

WBO International Junior Welterweight Championship
Jason Pagara (left) was 138 lbs. vs Cesar "El Dolar" Chavez (right) was 139 lbs.

Genesis Servana 121 vs. Juan Luis Hernandez 121. -Photo by Rocky Acac /
WBO International Junior Featherweight Championship
Genesis "Azukal" Servania (left) was 121 lbs. vs. Juan Lis "Perla Negra" Hernandez (right) was 121 lbs.

10th round non-title fight
"King" Arthur Villanueva (left) was 115 lbs. vs. Julio Cesar "Pingo" Miranda (right) was 114.5 lbs

PHILIPPINES VS. THAILAND Undefeated Mark "Magnifico" Magsayo (right) of the Philippines fights former PABA super bantamweight champion Sukkasem Kiethyongyut of Thailand in the undercard of the Pinoy 29: Fist of Fury on Feb. 7 at USEP Gym. Magsayo is undefeated with 9 straight wins, 7 by KO while Kiethyongyuth has 13 wins, 8 KOs with 3 defeats. Magsayo was 126 lbs while Kietyongyuth 124.5. (Photo by RACKY ACAC /
Mark "Magnifico" Magsayo (left) was 126 lbs. vs. Sukkasem Kietyongyuth from Thailand (right) was 124.5 lbs.

PHILIPPINES VS. INDONESIA Arjan "Spartan" Canillas (left) of the Philippines will fight Stevi Ongen Ferdinandus of Indonesia in the undercard of the Pinoy Pride 29: Fist of Fury on Feb. 7 at the USEP Gym in Davao City. Canillas tipped the scale 134 lbs while Ferdinandus 132.5. (Photo by RACKY ACAC /

Arjan "Spartan" Canillas (left) was 134 lbs. vs. Stevi Ongen Ferdinandus from Indonesia (right) was 132.5 lbs


Vic "Vicious" Saludar was (105 lbs.) vs. Lester John Pronco was (103 lbs.)

Rafael Sueno was (105 lbs.) vs. Arnold Garde was (106 lbs.)

Brian "Buhawi" Lobitania was (117 lbs.) vs. Armando Yee was (115 lbs.)