Sunday, June 28, 2015

Full Fight Video: John Riel Casimero vs Amnat Ruenroeng

Watch the fight of the former world champion Johnriel Casimero vs the current champion from Thailand  Amnat Ruenroeng. Fight happened at Hua Mark Indoor Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand.

This fight starts with ugly round and ends with an ugly decision. Nothing was good with this boxing.

Ruenroeng scores a two knockdown but he was clinching, holding and pushing Casimero to win the fight.

Also the referee just watching and like he didn't see illegal doing by Runroeng. After 5 warnings, the referee deducted Ruenroeng in 11th round but it was too late for Casimero.

Amnat Ruenroeng the world champion successfully defended his title via Unanimous Decision victory and remain unbeaten after this bout.