Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ruenroeng defeats Casimero in Ugly Match

35 year old boxer from Thailand successfully defended his title against the Filipino boxer Johnriel Casimero yesterday June 27, 2015 at Hua Mark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailander chanpion Ruenroeng knockdown Johnriel Casimero twice in their fight first in the 2nd round and other is in the 7th round but there was a push.

In this fight Ruenroeng was fighting not like professional boxer, he was holding and clinching excessively just to win the fight.

Nothing is good in this fight. It looked like a wrestling match.

In the third round Casimero looks like scores a knockdown when he connects a counter that caused Thailander touch the canvass, but the referee called it a slip.

The referee had 5 warnings before he deducted Ruenroeng in the 11th round, but it was too late for Casimero.

The fight ended via Unanimous Decision victory by the Thailander.

In the undercard match Filipino Denver Cuello scored a 5th round TKO against the Indonesian fighter Boy Tanto. Promoter promises Cuello to get his titile match before the end of this year against Wanheng Meyanothin.