Thursday, November 12, 2015

Highlights: Yemen Defeats the Azkals 0-1

The Yemen dominates the Philippine in the Azkals homecourt. The Yemen won for the first time and scores a goal also in the first time at the world cup qualifying tournament.

Here's the highlight:

12' the Yemen had a nice strike but saved by Muller

42' One Yemen Player and Lucena of Azkals got a Yellow Card

43' Header from the Azkals but blocked by the Yemen player.

In the first half Philippine team showing poor passing, while the Yemen team doing the same. Both had their chances but both missing the opportunities. Yemen shows more speed than the Azkals.

After 45 minutes the first half ended nil-nil.

51' corner kick for the Philippines

51' Patino had a chance but goes high.

53' another corner kick for the Philippines

56' Seems the Azkals got their momentum but still nil-nil, alot of chances but really unfortunate.

57' Lucena very close to nail a goal via header but a great save by the Yemen goalkeeper.

65' Bahadoran-in Reichelt-out.

64' another chance from the Philippines having a nice play but still the Yemen blocked the strike.

66' Ott got the yellow card

80' Golden opportunity for the Yemen team but the goes off.

82' Yemen scores a goal. Had their first goal of the Tournament.

The Azkals became lazy defensively and they became frustrated. The 179th ranked Yemen team defeats the 137th ranked Philippine Azkals.