Sunday, December 13, 2015

Donaire defeats Juarez for WBO World super bantamweight title

Nonito "the Filipino flash" Donaire will finish the year with the title after beating Cesar Juarez of Mexico for the vacant WBO World super bantamweight championship on December 12, 2015 at Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The Filipino vs the Mexican fight becomes one of the best fight in 2015. The fight was really an amazing fight from the first round thru the last round.

Donaire remains focus and connects a nice counter in the first round. He also puts Juarez down twice in round 4. Donaire won the first 6 round but Juarez showed a warrior spirit and landed a nice punches in round 7 that hurts Donaire.

Donaire had a cut in the 7th round and Juarez take that  advantage and throws some bombs to the slowing down Donaire.

In Round 10 Donaire seems knocked down but the referee called it  a slip.

Donaire came back in round 11 and connect effective punches but Juarez still a warrior and put a pressure to Donaire.

The last round was a Juarez round. Juarez throws a flurry of Punches in the corner but Donaire remains standing and throw also a counter punches.

Donaire won the WBO World super bantamweight title with the score of 116-110 116-110 117-109.

Donaire said that Juarez really deserve a rematch.