Thursday, December 10, 2015

No More Lewis-Parry, Vera faces Cheng for ONE Championship Title

No more Chi Lewis-Parry on One Championship: Spirit of Champions on December 11, 2015. Brandon the Truth Vera will now face Paul Cheng of Taiwan for the inaugural One Championship Heavyweight title.

Lewis who supposedly arriving in Manila today December 10, 2015 for the weigh-in failed to show the medical results.

Because of that, Lewis-Parry will not fight. Paul Cheng of Taiwan taken his place.

Paul Cheng is from Taipei, Taiwan, a 37 years old fighter with the record of 5 wins and 1 defeat. Paul Cheng last seen fighting in July 2014 defeating Mahmoud Hassan via TKO.

Cheng won his last 4 fights and loses only to Peter Nolan in 2011.

Parry said in the facebook that the ONE Championship only saving Vera from a possible lost from him. Also added that he feel sorry for the CEO and the fans.

He noted

"Dear world, as I forewarned, ONE Championship have ripped my shot from my grasp. They pretended Paul Cheng was travelling to Manila just for media obligations and lied to every single fan! Now they have made up their excuse (which has taken them days to form) and are blaming me with bogus accusations,"

"It's disgusting that an organisation claiming to be one of the top competitors in the world are happy to pull stunts like this. Remember, I called this days ago! ONE failed to respond with the truth now they blame me. Legal action is to follow and the exploitation and misrepresentation of fighter/athletes will stop at ONE Championship for good! I'm sorry for the fans that have been lied to by Victor Cui and ONE."
Vera publishes a video and he said that Parry has no balls and he feel sad for Parry's wife because her man is a coward.

Vera vs Cheng will be live at the Mall of Asia Arena on December 11, 2015. Fights stars 7:30 PM.