Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Johnriel Casimero knocks out Ruenroeng to win IBF Title

Johnriel Casimero of the Philippines finally got his new IBF Flyweight title after beating Ruenroeng in China.

Ruenroeng wins the first 3 rounds of the fight but in 4th Casimero drops Ruenroeng first via punch in the head and the 2nd in the body that puts the Thailander in the canvas, ref Tony Week wave the fight.

Ruenroeng was badly hurt and the fight ends via KO.

Casimero improved his record to 22 wins with 3 losses while Ruenroeng tasted his first defeat and dropped his record to 17 wins with 1 losses.

Casimero is the new IBF flyweight champion and the former IBF light flyweight champion.