Sunday, August 14, 2016

Folayang, Banario wins in Macau

Eduard "the landslide" Folayang shows impressive offensive skills in Macau at the One Championship Heroes of the World Yesterday August 13, 2016.

Folayang faces his tough Australian veteran Adrian Pang, Pang who absolutely has a rock chin takes a lot of punishment from Folayang. Folayang spinning kick and punches hurt Pang and the Australian unable to connect clean shots.

Folayang connects one, two punch combinations that hurts Pang in the 3rd round but Pang able to capitalize successfully survive the round.

Folayang wins via Unanimous decision and increases the chance to face the world champion, Shinya Aoki.

Meanwhile, Honorio Banario also wins his fight against Eddie Ng. It's a boring fight because both fighters become tired already in the 2nd round but Banario scores takedowns to win the fight.