Monday, November 28, 2016

Jenel Lausa Dominates Chinese foe in UFC Debut

Jenel Lausa from the Philippines dominates the Chinese Yao Zhikui in their Fight yesterday in Australia, November 26, 2016.

The Filipino Former boxer hurts the Chinese multiple times in the fight, Lausa dominates all rounds to win his First UFC Fight.

Lausa drops the Chinese in the 1st round using his boxing skills, also hurts the Chinese in the 2nd round with a head kick but luckily the Chinese remained in the 2nd. Lausa also got the Chinese with the guillotine choke but Zhikui is too strong and however survived.

The 3rd round was also dominates by the Filipino, Lausa improved his record to 7 wins with 2 losses while the Chinese dropped his record to 2 wins with 4 losses.