Friday, November 25, 2016

Melindo promises to knockout Sakkreerin, Jr

Milan Melindo is slated to face the Thailander foe Sakkeerim Jr. on November 26, 2016, at Cebu Coliseum for the interim IBF World light flyweight title.

This will be Melindo's third time to fight for a world title. He was first defeated by Juan Francisco Estrada in 2013 and also defeated by Javier Mendoza last year for the IBF World light flyweight title. Despite that, Melindo still assumes that this is his time and he strongly believes in the saying “the third time’s the charm".

Melindo also promises to knockout Sakkeerin who is also known as Teeraphong Utaida, he said: “There’s going to be a knockout,"“I’ve trained very hard for this fight. There are no more excuses for me because the fight’s going to happen in my hometown in front of my fans and supporters.”

ALA boss also believes that this is the time of Melindo, “This is his chance. Sakkrareen’s a good fighter but not as good as Estrada, and we know that he’s been waiting for this for many years. We believe that he can do it,” Aldeguer said.

However his Thailander foe also believe that he can overcome Melindo, he is also positive and he said that he knows what Melindo weaknesses are.

source: inquirer