Friday, December 16, 2016

Nietes: "I challenge Zou for a world title bout next year, any given time and place"

Former WBO light flyweight and minimumweight champion Donnie "Ahas" Nietes is showing interest to fight the current WBO world flyweight champion Zou Shiming of China.

Nietes said "“I challenge him to defend his title against me.” “I know I can beat him because I already have an idea how to fight him,” “We sparred before in the US. Although he is competitive fighter, I’m confident I can deal with him.” “But so far, I don’t have an idea about my next fight, but that will be for a world title. My manager and I will discuss about my next fight in January. I’m the No.1 rated fighter in the flyweight category in WBO that’s why I’m the mandatory challenger against Zou.”

Nietes is coming off a great flyweight debut against Edgar Sosa last September and won the fight via decisive unanimous decision while Zou Shiming grabbed the vacant WBO world flyweight title against the Thailander Prasitsak Phaprom last November 2016.

Nietes probably has the advantage against Zou Shiming but the Chinese boxer is also very smart, doesn't have a knockout punch but can frustrate Nietes with his speed.