Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Former IBO Champ Jack Asis announces Boxing Return

Former International Boxing Organization World super featherweight champion Jack Asis announces his return in boxing.

Asis wants to reclaim his IBO title and wants to come back as a hungrier fighter.

Asis was defeated by Malcolm Klassen in his last fight via unanimous decision. It was a great fight but the  South African deserves the belt.

However, Police found illegal performance enhancing drugs in Klassen's hotel. If Klassen found out guilty, Jack Asis would be re-instated as still the IBO World Champion.

"We're not going to comment on the situation with Klassen because we don't know the full details," Asis Trainer Manager Brendon Smith said.

"However in light of the reports I've contacted IBO president Ed Lavine and requested, if the allegations are proven to be correct, Jack Asis should be re-instated as the IBO World Champion.

"We will let the investigation run its course but we will be keeping a close eye on the situation because if proven guilty it casts huge doubts over the legitimacy of Malcolm's win over Jack.

"All I ask is 'was Jack beaten far and square' there was very little in that fight and if Malcolm is found to of cheated Jack deserves to be re-instated as the World Champion.

"Fair's fair, Jack did everything by the rule book, did Malcolm?

"That's the question we deserve answers for."

Asis had very little to say regarding the situation with Klassen but admitted it did leave a sour taste in his mouth.

“If it's true about Malcolm, that's not fair to me," Asis said.

"I leave everything up to my manager Brendon Smith and the IBO.

"I just happy to be back fighting.

"I enjoyed my time off, but it made me realise I retire too soon and make decision on spur of the moment.

"But the break has been a good thing, I feel refreshed and feel I can still match it with the best in Australia and across the World.

"Before announcing my retirement we were trying to fight the likes of Will Tomlinson, Joel Brunker and Billy Dib.

"Will has since retired but I happy to fight Joel Brunker or Billy Dib if they're willing to fight me.

"I just concentrate on training and I leave everything else up to my manager.

"I'm happy to be back and I hope Toowoomba support me again like before.

"I love Toowoomba, it's my home and I'm very proud to be a part of this community.

" Wherever I fight I always try my best for Toowoomba."

Asis' Manager Brendon Smith believes there is plenty of fuel left in the tank and plenty of opportunities awaiting the Assassin.

"In Jack's last fight he showed his class on the World stage with a great performance against Malcolm Klassen in Klassen's back yard in a World Championship bout," Smith said.

"At the time Asis was Australia's sole World Champion, if Klassen is found guilty of the allegations Jack deserves the belt back - but we will let that one play out.

"However we won't be sitting still, I've reached out to Joel Brunker's camp to see if we can make this fight happen.

"We've tried before without willingness from Brunker's camp - I've made an offer again, so once again the ball is in their court.

"We have a show in Toowoomba on March 11, Jack is very keen to defend his Brayd Smith World United Championship belt so that's another possibility.

"There is also international interest following his great performance in South Africa.

"China is a possibility, Liu Gang has shown interest in Jack fighting on one of his shows in the past so we will explore that as well.

"Jack's happy, he's training well, his trademark grin is there to see everyday in the gym.

"I support whatever Jack wants to do, he's fit, healthy and wants to fight again so I'll happily be in his corner.

"Jack's back!

"That's a great thing for our fight fans."

source: http://philboxing.com/news/story-125041.html