Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pinoy Pride 40 Tonight at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu

Tonight, April 29, 2017 we will witness the Pinoy  Pride 40 Domination featuring Donnnie Ahas Nietes vs Komgrich Nantapech for the IBF world flyweight championship.

Yesterday at the weigh-in, Donnie Ahas scaled in at 112 lbs while the Thailander also weighed the same.

Magsayo came in at 126.2 lbs while his opponent from Tanzania Issa Nampepeche weighed in at 124.2 lbs.

Jeo Santisima 122.8 lbs while his Indonesian opponents came in at 122.4 lbs.

The rest of the weights:

10 rounds Super Bantamweight
Virgel Vitor (9-1-0, 6KOs) 121.8 lbs vs Michael Escobia (11-14-1, 3KOs) 122.2 lbs

8 rounds Flyweight
Junrel Jimenez (6-1-0, 3KOs) 112.8 lbs vs Romulo Ramayan Jr (7-10-3, 3KOs) 111.2 lbs

8 rounds Super Flyweght
Kenneth Gentallan (5-0-0, 3KOs) – 112.8 lbs  vs John Kenan Villaflor (6-2-2, 2KOs) – 112.4 lbs

8 rounds Flyweight
Esneth Domingo (5-0-0, 4KOs)  111.4 lbs  vs Ramil Antaran (2-4-1, 0KOs) 111.4 lbs

6 rounds Flyweight
Christian Bacolod (6-0-0, 5KOs) 108.4 lbs vs Mike Kinaadman (5-1-2, 4KOs) 103.4 lbs.

Nietes promises that it will be an easy fight, they're planning to take the fight via decision but if there's a chance to knock out the Thailander, he will go for it.

Meanwhile, the Thailander is believing that his age will be a big advantage and he believes that he can upset the fight like what Wisaksil Wangek did to Roman Gonzalez.

image via ABS-CBN Sports and Action