Monday, July 31, 2017

Mark John Yap knocks out Masuda in a tough fight

Filipino OPBF champion Mark John Yap successfully defended his OPBF bantamweight title against the top Japanese fighter Kentaro Masuda yesterday July 30th in Japan.

The Filipino had a difficult fight and was almost knocked out in the 1st round.

Kentaro Masuda over powered the Filipino in the 1st round where Yap was knock down 3 times but was able to survive.

Yap had fully recovered in round two and three where he was capable of coming back and remained in his fighting plan.

In 4th, Yap connects a left and right hook combinations the puts down the Japanese, Kentaro was able to stand up but the relentless attack of Yap forcing the referee to halt the fight as he saw Kentaro Masuda was badly hurt.

Mark John Yap grabbed his 27th win and now ranked no. 7 in the WBC.