Thursday, January 25, 2018

Loma " I am not going to accept the (Pacquiao) fight"

Manny Pacquiao wants to fight Lomachenko but the Ukranian doesn't want to face the old Filipino man despite Manny urging an offer.

A post by True Box.

" I was amazed when they offered me to fight Manny pacquiao, It Became intresting. He is a legend, a big name and a top fighter, but I am not going to accept the fight this year.However, if the bout takes place next year, they'll just tell me I sent the old man to someone else's weight category. There are many champion's in my division, and I'm going to continue my career in this direction. Modern boxing, Modern names. Me and my father, we both know it ( fighting pac), will not give me anything." -Loma-

I completely disagree, fighting pacquiao would send vasyl lomachenko into mega stardom. If both fighters agreed to a catch weight of 138 with no rehydration Clause they both most likely would weigh in the same on fight night. If Loma is not willing to take the risk against a legend a great fighter will. Picking someone like the flawed Miguel Berclet or Rey Beltran will only add to the disappointment.

Seems like the whole team of Lomachenko really go away on fighting the living legend, However Pacquiao now is slated his comeback fight on April against yet to be named opponent.