Sunday, February 04, 2018

Jerwin "Pretty Boy" Ancajas KO's Gonzalez in 10th, New Fighting Pride of the Philippines

Jerwin Ancajas makes Sunday a good day for the Filipino people around the world as he KO his challenger Israel "Iggy" Gonzalez in the 10th round of their fight Today February 4, 2018 (Manila Time).

Mexican also shows toughness against Jerwin and also connected some good shots, Jerwin however played safe, slowly but surely and successfully defended his IBF World Super Flyweight Title 1st time in the US soil and this could be the start of many.

Ancajas knockdown the Mexican in the 1st round and twice in the 10th round.

Another thing that catches my attention is when Michael Buffer said "The Fighting Pride of the Philippines" Jerwin "Pretty Boy" Ancjas  which we always heard when Manny's winning the fight. The next Pinoy Boxing star is born.