Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nietes knocks out Reveco in 7th

Donnie Nietes successfully defended his IBF World Flyweight knocking out the Argentinian fighter Juan Carlos Reveco Today February 25, 2018 (Manila Time).

Nietes was very accurate and hurt Reveco in 7th and Referee stops the fight after seeing Reveco neglected to move forward, however Team reveco waves also a towel to stop the fight.

Round by Round:

Round 1: Cool start but the Champion Nietes had it!

Round 2: Very impressive round for Nietes, getting on fire connected much clean punches.

Round 3: Another good round for Nietes, shows how tactical he is very accurate.

Round 4: Nietes throws better combinations and targeting the body of Reveco. So far all rounds for Nietes.

Round 5: Both throwing big punches but Nietes remains the aggressive.

Round 6: Nietes round, but the Argentinian throws wild punches. Reveco was hurt wabbly going to the corner.

Nietes won by 7th round KO congrats!!!!

Nietes finally shows how tough he is in a big scree HBO world wide.