Monday, September 03, 2018

Terrence Romeo, McCarthy Heated On-Court Exchange

What do you think happened to Terrence Romeo on this heated exchange? Well, being hot headed in close basketball game is not new.

Terrence Romeo definitely over emotioned but might helped his team to win this game, Romeo did some slight headbutt and trahs talk to McCarthy but over all it was just part of the game and we know Terrence Romeo, he has an attitude like that since when he was playing for his college team.

Romeo said after the game:

"Yung samin ni Rashawn, konting trash talk lang. Syempre close fight, di mo maiiwasan yun,"

"Pero magkaibigan kami, I mean nagbabatian kami although di kami nagsasama ng matagal. Nothing is personal, kung ano nangyari sa court, stay lang sa court,"

"Sabi ko lang ano... samin kaming mga player, hindi natin kailangan magitrahan. Basketball, laro lang. Pero kung gusto mo, pwede naman ako,"

After all, Terrence scored 22 points to help his TNT team to won the game 118-114.