Sunday, May 05, 2019

Donnie Nietes Knockout Highlights

This is Donnie Nietes AKA "Ahas" Former Utily Boy at ALA Gy, former cleaner of snake pit Aldeguer states: "One of his daily chores was to clean the snake pit with five big pythons and he was the only man with the guts to do it. One day, a snake laid 11 eggs but only one survived Donnie took care of that snake and he still does to this day. That's how he got his nickname"

Nietes was also encourage by ALA's gym Pratictioner to start boxing because he saw Nietes' potential. Nietes started his pro career on April 25, 2003 with a win via unanimous decision over Walter Suaybaguio

Today, for those who didn't know Nietes is one of the most successful boxer in the Philippines. Not with Luxuries but with Honor for the Philippines. One of Philippines Elite boxer behinds Manny and Nonito, he is a world champion in four different divisions minimumweight, light flyweight , flyweight and super flyweight.

He is also the longest pinoy boxing world champion from 2007 to 2016. Maybe he is underrated with lack of big appearances in US. But still, undoubtedly one of our  Philippine Treasure in Boxing that we should be proud of.